Channeling 406 – This Is IU

This is Indiana!

Pip sent me this video earlier today… I clicked and had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I quite literally got goose bumps.  THIS video is the essence the college experience at Indiana.  These guys (who apparently have some fame in the Hoosier state) don’t know it, but they’ve completely channeled the 406 Northlane experience. Please don’t take this to mean that life at IU was all about partying.  There was certainly (more than) a … Continue reading

Behold The Carnage That Was 406


College is a great time in life and weekends at college are even better.  What could be better than a college weekend?  An entire week of “weekend”.  Little 500 week in Bloomington is the culmination of the party year.  Classes are a thing of the past that week as the entire campus simply decides not to attend.  There’s too much good stuff going on. During Little 500 week, Northlane would close off it’s entryway so … Continue reading