Behold The Carnage That Was 406

CarnageCollege is a great time in life and weekends at college are even better.  What could be better than a college weekend?  An entire week of “weekend”.  Little 500 week in Bloomington is the culmination of the party year.  Classes are a thing of the past that week as the entire campus simply decides not to attend.  There’s too much good stuff going on.

During Little 500 week, Northlane would close off it’s entryway so only residents and their guests would be allowed on the premises.  Private security was hired to keep things safe.  This seems like a big over overkill until you recognize one thing – the fact that private security was there meant that the Bloomington police had no need or desire to be there.  As anyone who’s ever been to college knows, the absence of police is a good thing.

With that background I give you this photo.  It’s Buford and someone else (I know it’s not me) that I can’t remember.  I can’t tell if this photo was staged or not, but even if it was reality wasn’t too far from this.  In fact, this might have been a staged shot cause the truth was just too bad to photograph 🙂 This was taken during junior year and that particular week happened to be BEAUTIFUL.  If my memory serves me correctly it was mid 80’s all week without a cloud in the sky.  We were grilling all week just enjoying the days.  Damn I miss college… I wouldn’t change the life that I have now for anything but it would be nice to go back for a weekend or so 😉

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