Potential Agenda For Mania Weekend

The Potential Agenda For WrestleMania 29 Weekend

As I get older, I tend to actually “plan” things less and less.  Actually, now that I think about it, age really has nothing to do with it.  Ever since I got married I rely on the Wife for my planning needs.  I’m not quite sure where I’d be without her. That said, when it comes to a Pip / Chewie weekend I’m pretty much on my own.  I’m guessing that ever since Pip got … Continue reading

A Nightmare On Pip Street

Pip As Freddy

I just simply HAD to share this.  Check out Pip’s bad ass Halloween costume this year!  As you may or may not know, Pip and I are pretty hard core horror movie buffs.  In fact, we’ve taken this love for horror and actually turned it into something… We’re in the process of launching a website where we’ll talk nothing but horror movies and reviews.  When you get a moment check out www.scaretissue.com for all the … Continue reading

So Many Posts… So Little Time

No Time

So I’m just getting back from vacation tonight and I’m feeling overwhelmed on many levels.  I quit my job, I’ve been away from home for quite a while, I’ve got a bunch of movie reviews to get done, have got a book review to post (and another one coming) not to mention the fact that I’ve had so much fun with the boys over the past couple of days that I don’t know where to … Continue reading