Caught In A Drunk Canadian’s Loop

Cleveland Indians Opening Day 2012

As I do just about every year, last week I attended Opening Day for my beloved Cleveland Indians.  I managed to take one picture as I walked into the stadium.  If you’d like to see more, check out my post from last year.  Our seats were essentially the same and with the exception of Pip, so were the people. Once again, the Tribe managed to lose the opener, but this year they did it in … Continue reading

And They Say Downtown Cleveland Is Dead…

2009 St. Patrick's Day In Cleveland

As I sat in my office watching the crowds on St. Patrick’s Day I learned a couple of things.  In addition to those things, I was really just glad to see PEOPLE downtown again.  I tell you, when the Cavs or Indians aren’t in town, there simply isn’t anyone down here anymore.  It’s sad, but it was damn awesome to see that Cleveland can still be a thriving city.  I’m hoping that the nice weather … Continue reading