More PPVs Coming From WWE?

NXT Takeover The End Promo

There’s a lot of content for WWE fans these days. Quite frankly, there’s too much content and from the sounds of things there’s about to be even more. Way back in June of last year I wrote a post called I Missed WWE RAW This Week & I Don’t Care. In that post I pointed out how the WWE was in a stretch where there were four PPVs in a stretch of 50 days. According to … Continue reading

Wrestling Into The Future – WWE Network A No Brainer?

WWE Network

For years now we’ve been hearing rumblings about the WWE Network. Would it be a cable channel?  Would it be a streaming service?  We finally have the details about the network, what it’s going to be, when it will launch and from a wrestling fan’s perspective… how damn awesome it will be! WWE Network will be a 24/7 streaming network which will include original content, archive content from WWE, WCW, AWA, ECW (and others), RAW … Continue reading

The WrestleMania Project

WrestleMania Logo

I’m a big professional wrestling geek… have been for more years that I care to remember.  If you’re a regular 406 reader you already know this.  Pip and I get together every year and build the Beeramid based on that year’s drinking game.  I often tell people that professional wrestling is a soap opera for guys but that’s probably giving it too much credit.  Bottom line is after all of these years I still really … Continue reading