Cleveland Area Friends – PIZZA ROLL FUNDRAISER!

Cleveland Area Pizza Rolls

🍕 PIZZA ROLL FUNDRAISER!!! 🍕 Family and friends in the Cleveland area… Our son is selling pizza rolls for his travel baseball team, Twinsburg Tigers 13U. Each roll is approx 7″ long and so delicious!!! They are $2 each and are great to have frozen and on hand for lunches, dinners, appetizers and after school snacks! We are offering 4 varieties: Pepperoni/Cheese Cheese Hot peppers/cheese Garlic/cheese Post your order in the comments (quantity and type). All orders … Continue reading

Tasty Nipples

Fish Mouth

So we were down at the lake the other night.  We got together to celebrate Pop’s birthday and we decided to go with a nice evening at the lake so the boys could swim.  We ordered pizza to be delivered at the lake, the weather was beautiful and life was grand. Unfortunately before we got a chance to eat our pizza, Mother Nature screwed us just as she did the last time we were down … Continue reading

Game Day

WrestleMania 26 Poster

It’s almost go time here on WrestleMania Sunday!  Pip and I are giddy with optimism for the show this evening.  We took it easy last night cause we know we’ve got a long road ahead of us this evening… The Beeramid is a formidable opponent but we’re confident that once again we’ll manage to take it down.  We sat down last night and came to our final list of rules for this evening’s festivities. Pizza… … Continue reading

One Crazy Weekend

Crazy Weekend

It’s Monday after a busy weekend — time to reflect. Fun ‘n’ Stuff – A Good Start I suppose the most logical place to start would be on Friday – afternoon to be precise.  I took the afternoon off to attend the last of the G-man’s 3rd Birthday parties.  We decided to have it at Fun ‘n’ Stuff which in spite of their terrible website is a GREAT place to have a kid’s birthday party.  … Continue reading