Who Is This Guy???

Who Is This Guy?The short answer is, I have no idea who this dude is.  And therein lies the problem.  This is one of the “suggestions” that Facebook gave me this AM as someone that I should be friends with.  Now I’m not here to judge this guy at all – in fact he seems like a swell dude.  I’m just not sure how we’re connected, or why he was suggested to me.

  • OK, so we’re both male.  If that’s the only criteria FB is looking at, their algorithm needs a lot of work.
  • He’s nearly 20 years older than me.
  • He’s single, I’m married.
  • He’s from Yuma, Arizona which as far as I know I’ve never even visited.
  • We do have roughly the same political and religious views, but I don’t share that stuff on Facebook so that can’t be a commonality.
  • He’s worked in industries that I never have.
  • He’s got military service (thank you sir) that I don’t have.
  • He’s got a Star Trek quotation listed as his favorite and even Facebook should know that I fucking hate Star TrekStar Wars all the way folks.
  • He went to college halfway across the county from where I did and got degrees is Fine and Media Arts – nothing remotely close to my degrees.
  • We don’t share any of the same likes/interests in music, books, movies or television.
  • In addition to ALL of that, we don’t share any friends.  Not one.

I suppose there’s a slim possibility that I’m supposed to know this gentlemen.  Perhaps from some organization that I belong to or via a long lost 3rd cousin that I’ve yet to meet.  That possibility aside, I’m left scratching my head.  * shrug *

2 thoughts on “Who Is This Guy???

    1. THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED!!! This gentlemen registered and made a total of ONE post on a message forum that I moderate. So… apparently that’s all it takes to be friends on Facebook… one post. Now I can sleep easier.

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