Countdown To Idiocy

Pip & Chewie During Beeramid 2010Pip’s getting married in little more than a month.  In a little less than a week, I’m going to partake in his bachelor party.  We get together twice a year: once in the spring for the annual WrestleMania event and once  in the fall.  This year, my fall trip won’t happen as Pip will be rather busy with his nuptials.  But just as the WWE starts their “Road To WrestleMania” with the Royal Rumble in January, Pip’s “Road To Marriage” will start this weekend (or end 😉 ) in Milwaukee.

Normally our twice a year get togethers lead to us acting like we’re way younger than we actually are.  Throw in a couple of other of Pip’s good buddies and I can only imagine what we’re in for.  Milwaukee… here we come.

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