Die Hard the Christmas Movie – Explained

Die Hard Still

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Once the holidays are in sight that question begins to be debated, hotly, on what seems like a yearly basis. I’ve always been of the opinion that yes, Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie. It also happens to be one of the best action movies ever made. For as convinced as I am that it IS a Christmas movie, there are naysayers out there that will argue that it’s not.

Well…. I believe I finally have the definitive answer thanks to my buddy Ric.

Seven Essential Ingredients for a Holiday Movie (Just Like Die Hard)

  1. Nostalgia – I remember the first time I saw Die Hard and the way it made me feel and I am always brought back to that time anytime I see it.
  2. Magic – There must have been some magic in the air that night for John McClane to do what he did. Xmas magic.
  3. Family – Holly Gennaro…McClane.
  4. Atmosphere – Christmas decor and music throughout the entire movie.
  5. Cliches – Saving Xmas and reuniting his family.
  6. Hope – One man and his belief in himself and the power of good.
  7. Redemption – Down in his luck cop, saves the day and save Xmas.

That’s seven for seven. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Yippee-ki-yay it is!

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