Got Snow? Snow Removal Scam

Got Snow 2013 Flyer Front

UPDATE: See this post for 2017 – 2018 information on Got Snow Services

We’re coming up on the winter season in northeast Ohio and that means one thing… snow.  Sadly, it also means scammers are out in full force looking to take advantage of you.  If you live in Solon or Twinsburg, Ohio (or the surrounding areas of Aurora, Glenwillow, Bedford, Hudson, Macedonia, etc.) you may very well have run across a scam.  There is a company that is currently calling itself Got Snow? or Got Snow Services.  They appear to offer snow removal services for residential addresses for a very reasonable price.  Sadly, this is a COMPLETE SCAM that has been running for YEARS now.

Got Snow is at least the 3rd name this company has been known by.  In 2008, I was taken by this scam when he was going by the name of The Snowplow Guys.  You can read the full history here.  In short, this company will take your money and never show up to perform the contracted work.

NOTE: I haven’t personally worked with this company since that winter in 2008.  I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I know this guy is still at it. I wrote a blog post last year entitled: Empire Snow Removal – Solon, Ohio & Twinsburg, Ohio last year.  I received SEVERAL comments and follow up emails that they were taken by the same company.

Last week, I got a comment on the original blog post that they’d once again changed their name to Got Snow and someone offered to send me this year’s flyer.  Sure enough, that next night I got this year’s scam in my mailbox.

This year’s flyer is as follows (complete with grammatical errors):

Got Snow? call 440.231.4826

Got Snow Services

GOT SNOW SERVICES specializes in residential snowplowing.  For many other companies plowing is something to do in the “off season”.  For us there’s no business like “snow business”.  We are dedicated to providing the best in residential snowplowing service that exceeds our customers expectations.  So don’t take a chance with your winter weather needs.  contact the pros at GOT SNOW!

GOT SNOW offers the BEST in Snowplow service:

  • Locally Owned
  • Full Season Contracts
  • 24/7 Service
  • Neighborhood References


CALL TODAY 440.231.4826


So far I’ve seen contract prices range from $176 to $189.  I’d LOVE to hear about this “client referral program” and to hear some of the “neighborhood references”.

Got Snow 2013 Flyer Front
The front of the 2013 Got Snow Flyer
Got Snow 2013 Flyer Back
The back of the 2013 Got Snow Flyer

PLEASE, read this post and all of the comments.  You’ll see YEARS worth of complaints for multiple company names (The Snowplow Guys, Empire Snow Removal and Natural Science Landscaping) under the company owner (a gentlemen named Randy).

The address of the company is below:

7655 Richmond Road
Solon, Ohio 44139

I’ve also seen it listed as:

Randy Woolfork
7655 Richmond Road
Bedford, Ohio

There have been several phone numbers in use over the years:


I’m writing this post to ensure that other people are not screwed over by this scammer.

PLEASE pass this post along.  Post it to Facebook, share it on Twitter.  I want to make sure that when someone does a Google search for “Got Snow Services”, “Got Snow?”, “The Snowplow Guys” or “Empire Snow Removal” this page comes up.

I ran across this F Rating for Natural Science Landscaping from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Here’s the F Rating for The Snowplow Guys aka Empire Snow Removal.

If you’ve been screwed over by this guy please share your story here.

18 thoughts on “Got Snow? Snow Removal Scam

  1. I have engaged Got Snow Services for the 2013-14 season. They have come out a few times, mostly for light snow falls (enough to get paid for 2nd half of season). With the heavy snow on Jan. 25, 2014 they haven’t come out yet as of this writing on Jan.27, 2014. Phone calls to their tel. numbers just get a recording that they are plowing. Last season as Natural Science I did not have any problems with their service ( a much milder winter, yet we did have a few big snowfalls).

      1. They did show up sometime after my last post on Jan 27 @ 1AM. Which is good. ‘Cause the snow went from mushy to icey as the cold front went through. They haven’t contacted me, so I don’t know what the problem was. There is a possibility that they could not find the house, because there was enough blown snow on the mailbox to cover up the address. Who knows. We’ll see what happens after the next bad storm.

  2. My husband and I have them (under The Snowplow Guys) and I think they have come 4 times. They have yet to come today (Feb. 26th) and it is almost 2:20pm. I had my son 2 weeks ago and the last bad snow, my friend couldn’t even get in my drive to deliver a meal for my family. That was a Wednesday- he didn’t come until 3:30am on Thursday. His message says 2 of the 4 trucks are down. EVERY time there is a bad snow we call to find out if he is coming and we get the same message. I should have known it was going to be bad when we had to call him to remind him to put the stakes up in the drive (which didn’t happen until after the first snowplow and he messed up the yard. My best friend is going through the same thing. Unreal!!

      1. I don’t know the guy but I snow plow for a living in the Cleveland area, snow plowing is a very difficult job if you’re unhappy with the wait time( cuz residental snowplowers have hundreds of accounts) plz just shovel your own driveway don’t bother getting a snowplower

        1. I agree 100% with your comment re: wait times. I’ve been doing my own for years for just this reason.

          That said, there’s a world of difference between being unhappy with wait times and this asshole who sells ‘contracts’ and never shows up.

  3. Thanks everyone. Was about to send this idiot a check. I guess I will find another snow plow. Thanks for saving me the frustration!!

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