How the Hell is This Guy Champion?

WWE Champion (?!?!?!) SheamusChampionships are part of the show in professional wrestling.  They don’t really tell who the best wrestler is.  They’re there as props or to move the storyline along.  I don’t get upset when my favorite wrestlers win or lose titles cause I know that’s not what it’s about.  That said, the WWE has made a decision recently that I simply cannot understand.

A couple of weeks back, relative newcomer Sheamus pulled an upset and defeated WWE Champion John Cena for the title.  I (like most WWE fans) gave an audible “huh” when this happened.  I’m all for giving young guys a push in the business and getting away from the old guard of pro wrestling.  But this is just a really weird move in my book.

  1. Dude is pasty white… he just doesn’t “look” like a wrestler.  He’s certainly got the build for it, but he looks like effing Casper the Friendly Wrestler.  I’m certainly not judging him… well, now that I think about it, yeah I am judging.
  2. He’s garbage on the mic – I’ve long been of the opinion that a heel champion doesn’t really have to be a great wrestler as long as he’s got awesome mic skills.  Unfortunately, Sheamus has got a long way to go to be considered a great talker.
  3. He’s decent in the ring – he looks very stiff in the ring.  I certainly haven’t seen all of his matches, but from what I’ve seen I’m not overly impressed.

So the question is why?  Did the WWE make a mistake?  Were they sick of Cena as champ and just had to get the belt off him?  What I can say is Sheamus was a mid card match against a pseudo jobber on this week’s RAW.  Not sure if that was just because of Bret Hart’s return but it seems to me that your champion should be getting better billing than this.

I could be way off base here, but with WrestleMania coming up in just a few short months I’m REALLY hoping that this dude isn’t near main event status by then.  If that’s going to be the case they need to get that damn belt off him ASAP.

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