Is Hulk Hogan Still Relevant To Today’s Wrestling Fans?

Hulk HoganSo… last week, Hulk Hogan announced on Twitter that he’d be attending tonight’s (Monday, August 11th) edition of Monday Night RAW to celebrate his birthday.  Twitter, Facebook and various wrestling groups I belonged to immediately started buzzing about his return, what it would mean, would the NWO reform, etc.  But it got me to thinking.

I’m at the age (38) where Hulk Hogan definied professional wrestling during my formative years.  But when I think about today’s wrestling fan I have to ask… Does anyone really care about Hulk Hogan any more?

Honestly, at this point, today’s current fans are getting to the point where their verion of the “good old days” of professional wrestling don’t even include Hogan. For them, the “olden days” of pro wrestling is the elusive Attitude Era.

My question is this… how much longer before Hogan is irrelevant to today’s wresling fan? I honestly think it’s closer than we might think.

Is Anyone Listening
Is Anyone Listening

Don’t get me wrong… for me, Hulk Hogan is a wrestling God, and always will be. If there was a Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling he not only belongs on it, but should be on his own level.  He is the man that made wrestling what it is today.  However, kids today watching wrestling don’t know or understand the greatness that was The Hulkster. They’re just seeing an old guy trotting out to some “Real American” song. My kids (8 & 6) for example couldn’t care less about Hogan. They’d much rather watch John Cena or CM Punk.

I think it’s fair to say that Hogan isn’t on TV for today’s audience… he’s there for me.  He’s there for “old school” pro wrestling fans that remember just how awesome it was to say our prayers and take our vitamins.  He’s there for all the fans thave loved to hate him when he went “Hollywood Hogan” and formed the NWO.  The reality of the situation is that there will come a time where Hogan goes the way of the Harley Races of the world.  And despite how bad Hogan tries to hang on, that time is coming.

What do you think… Is Hulk Hogan still “relevant” to today’s wrestling audience?

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