My Final Sign Off On LeBron

Cavs LogoOne last LeBron-centric post and then I’ll be done on the topic for the foreseeable future.

  • People say that Gilbert’s response makes him look ridiculous.  Personally I think it makes him look like an owner who gives a shit.  Sure he may scare away a couple of potential free agents with that blast, but I’m guessing in the end it may show how passionate he is.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m not upset that James is leaving Cleveland.  He’s earned the right to go where he feels he’s in the best situation.  What I take issue with is the public bitch slap of Cleveland on national TV.  There’s a way to handle your “bidness” and James simply didn’t do it.
  • To that end, I think LeBron’s been getting some very bad advice for the last year.  An “adult” would never have allowed him to conduct himself in this manner.
  • Not sure what the tone is like outside of Cleveland, but in my eyes with last night’s move, he went from Jordan comparisons to Pippen comparisons.  Even if he starts winning he’ll never have been “the man”.
  • I think it’s effing hilarious that LeBron’s got a “donate” button on his website.  If you’re donating to King James you’re dumber than a box of hammers.
  • LeBron seemed genuinely shocked last night when shown images of his jersey being burned.  Really?  He didn’t see that coming?
  • It won’t happen, but it would be awesome if Cleveland sold out every game next year.
  • LeBron (or more likely his people) called the paparazzi to ensure that they’d be on hand for his arrival at 3:00 AM last night.  Come on dude.
  • Speaking of calling… LeBron never even called the Cavs personally and informed them of his decision.  Sack up dude.  I said that you don’t owe Cleveland anything, but you owe the Cavs that.
  • I saw tweet that rang true today: “Born here. Raised here. Played here. Betrayed here.”
  • Anytime I can reference one of my favorite movies I will: “It’s all on the wheel… it all comes around.”
  • One last thought… I was a CAVS fan long before LeBron James, and I’ll continue to be a CAVS fan now that he’s gone.

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