My Lucky Day On Instagram

It’s not every day that someone just walks into your life just wanting to GIVE you money. I’m extremely lucky and it happens OFTEN to me! Here’s one such interaction. Are you jealous of my good luck?

Lucky Day Feature

Scammer: Hello

Me: Hi! Sorry for delay. Was in my spam folder.

Scammer: It’s OK. Congratulations to you!!! I’m Julie Leach the Michigan Powerball Winner of $310,500million so you have been fortuitously picked among the lucky winners those getting $100,000 this month from my given away program going on so are you interested in getting your winning package from me or not interested? Click here to read

Are you ready to claim your winnings?

Me: What do you need from me?

Scammer: If you are ready to claim your winnings now let me know and I will tell you what to do next

Me: Ready

Scammer: Kindly provide me your full name:
home address:
phone number:
do you want cash or check:
It will be forwarded to the courier agent bringing your winnings to you within the next 24 to 48 hrs.

Me: Chewie
PO BOX 850
Solon, Ohio 44124
I don’t use gmail
Digital marketing
Check will be great

Scammer:  Alright wait while I forward your details to the courier agent bringing your winnings to you
Congratulations to you
Don’t share the news of your winnings with anyone until you receive your winnings to avoid disqualification

Me:  Thank you!

Scammer: You are welcome
Wait for the agent message
I have forward your details to him now

Me: How will they contact me?
Assuming they will send me a DM here on Instagram?

Scammer: They will give a text message on your phone. Just wait for the text. Spend your money wisely

Me: Absolutely. Can’t wait. Though… that phone number doesn’t receive texts. Sorry.

Scammer: They just give me a text now telling me they are unable to text you

Me: Right. That’s a land line. I don’t have a cell phone. They can DM me here.

Scammer: OK I will just tell you all you need to do now for you to receive your winnings money delivered to you

Me: Perfect

Scammer: All you will have to do now is to activate your winnings and once your winnings money is activated it will be delivered to you within the next 24 hours. Do you know how to do that? ? Are still with me

Me: No. I have no idea how to activate. Please advise.

Scammer: OK… You will need to activate your winnings and that will cost you $50 once your payment is confirmed your winnings will be delivered to you. Are you ready to activate your winnings now? Are you still with me?

Me: Absolutely

Scammer: OK do you have PayPal??

Me: I do

Scammer: OK I will send you my PayPal account now so that you can make your payment into it and once your winnings is confirmed your winnings will be delivered to you. Wait i will send it to you now. Friend and family. Send screen shot of your payment. Are you making the payment now? ?

Me: I’d prefer if you just take the $50 out of my winnings. Thank you so much!

Scammer: Am sorry but you need to pay it. It’s is an evidence that you pay for your activation fee. So you have to make the payment for your winnings money to be activated before delivery it to you. Within the next 24 hours your money will be delivered to you once your winnings is confirmed. I hope you understand

Me: Sorry. I don’t.

Scammer: I mean you have to make the payment for your winnings money to be activated. You just have to make the payment now so that your winnings can be activated

Me: How many people fall for this?

Scammer: What do you mean? Fall for what?

Me: Fall for your scam? You’re randomly messaging people giving away money… but “I” have to pay “you” first? That doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Scammer: Am sorry sir but you are getting it all wrong. It’s never a scam. This is real and legit sir. I’m not here trying to scam you or whatever

Me: I’m just glad that you’ve wasted so much time with me. It means that you’re not out taking advantage of other people.

Scammer: Sir you are getting it all wrong. Am not here to scam you or taking anything from you

Me: Actually you are. You’re trying to take $50 from me.

Scammer: The $50 is not for me but for the activation of your winning package. Not trying to take any money from you

Me: That’s silly. You’re giving me money right? No “activation” needed. If you want to give me money… thank you. But there’s no need for me to pay for it. 🤣

Scammer: Take a leap of faith and see to this and then you’ll come back to thank me later promised.

Me: Ok… how about this. YOU take a leap of faith… send me my winnings and then I’ll pay you DOUBLE / $100 That’s TWO activation fees!

Scammer: Sir am sorry it never done that way

Me: There’s a first time for everything. Give it a shot!

Scammer: Without activating your winnings you can’t get it

Me: Ok. No big deal. Thx

Scammer: Then I guess your winnings needs to be terminated. Your name will be removed from the list of winners receiving there winnings money. Thank you. Good luck

Me: No problem. Will be reporting your account here on IG as well as the PayPal account you mentioned. Good luck to you too!

As you can see… I had my name taken off the list. Perhaps one day I’ll be the big winner.

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