Random and (Not So) Deep Thoughts

  • Chief WahooMy son has taken to sleeping in the nude.  I’m not sure why I think that’s so funny but it cracks me up every time I think about it.
  • “Better late than pregnant” – this line came from some random email forward that I got and it made me laugh.
  • The Tribe kicked the shit out of the Yankees on opening day of their new stadium.  The Yankees will probably win the World Series this year cause they’ve got more money than God, but it’s nice to see them (and their fans) brought down a notch.  With this terrible season that the Indians are having this may just be the bright spot.  Love it.
  • The Cavs are good… really good.  It scares me cause I live in Cleveland and we can never have a championship.  It will be interesting to see how they fuck things up in the playoffs.
  • I’m really looking forward to Spring/Summer this year.  Fall has traditionally been my favorite season but this winter has sucked balls and a little sunshine will be more than welcome.
  • The wife and I were driving past Wallgreens last night and noticed something weird.  Underneath the name, they had three signs: Pharmacy, BLANK & Photos.  The “blank” was covered up and we didn’t know why.  After some careful investigation we determined that it was “clinic”.  That said, if you’re looking to go to Wallgreens clinic, you’re probably screwed.
  • This economy blows.  Obama isn’t making anything better and I just had to pay taxes.  Enough said.
  • I haven’t had a dip in 999 days – but who’s counting.  Tomorrow is a big day.

One thought on “Random and (Not So) Deep Thoughts

  1. Reading back over this list now I’m intrigued by what a profit I’ve turned out to be. Bullet #3 above – Tribe blows and Yanks are well on their way to the playoffs. Bullet #4 above – the Cavs ended the season with the best record in the league and then failed to make the NBA Championship. Such is life for a Clevelander.

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