Seriously… Who Falls For This Shit?

So… I took a spin through my SPAM filter and I ran across this gem. I just have to ask… in all sincerity… who falls for this shit?


SUBJECT: Invoice Paid

FROM: Kurt Thompson <>


Dear Customer,

Here’s your latest Norton subscription invoice.

The amount will be debited from your card on or after 18 Nov 2020.

To View your bill online Please contact our Toll Free Number:

INVOICE NO – 326452-56

Amount Paid – $279.00

If you have any queries about your invoice amount, please contact us on             

 +1 (844) 989-4272 (TOLL – FREE NUMBER) within two working days.

Please note: This is not a TAX invoice.


The Norton Billing Team

Customer support:  +1 (844) 989-4272

Note: we have recently seen fake Norton subscription invoice email being sent out by scammers.

It is a genuine Norton subscription invoice email:

© 1997-2020, Norton, Inc. and its affiliates

Hey Kurt… all due respect, but fuck off. I don’t even have a NORTON subscription but if I did I’m guessing you’d know my name and include it in the email.

Oh… wait a minute. It says right on the bottom that this is legit.

Forget I said anything.

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