SDCC Exclusive First Order Storm Trooper

SDCC First Order Stormtrooper (8)A while back, I posted about my San Diego Comic Con exclusive Jabba The Hutt figure that I’d picked up to add to my Star Wars Black Series collection. I’ve been keeping up with this collection for the most part and when this year’s SDCC exclusive was announced I knew that I just had to have it. Introducing the First Order Storm Trooper from the upcoming The Force Awakens! I’m sure I’ll get some flack for opening up this exclusive figure but I don’t care. You collect the way you want to collect and I’ll collect the way I want to. Personally I think it’s sort of stupid to buy toys and not open them but to each his own.

We moved late last year and I STILL don’t have my collection displayed properly but I’ve got it in my mind that it’ll be set up by the time The Force Awakens comes out in December. It’s good to have goals right?

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