I Hate People

Middle FingerOK… so the title of this post isn’t quite true.  A more accurate title would be “I Hate People Who Can’t Or Won’t Drive The Correct Way When It Snows” but that seemed a bit on the longish side.

I live in northeast Ohio.  I also happen to live in a particular spot of northeast Ohio called the “snow belt”.  If you’re not familiar with the term please allow me to explain.  Based on our close proximity to Lake Erie our climate is a bit more humid that most.  So, before the lake has frozen for the year, there is a TON more moisture in the air.  When you add very cold temperatures to moisture in the air you get something called SNOW.  Now… the snow belt is named as such because of something called “Lake Effect Snow”.  This is due to the fact that all of this snow created from the moisture above Lake Erie dumps right on top of my house.  There you go… snow belt and lake effect snow defined.

Folks… this shit happens EVERY… SINGLE… YEAR.  It’s not as if Lake Erie is here one year and gone the next.  Which is why I get completely FLOORED every year when it snows and people say shit like, “Man… when’s it going to stop snowing.”  Living in Cleveland, the answer to that question is “March… maybe April.”

In any case, we got a snow storm a couple of days ago.  Sure it came during rush hour and it was a lot of snow, but it wasn’t the worst storm I’ve ever lived through, nor was it the coldest.  But you’d think we were living in the middle of the Sahara and people had NEVER seen snow based on the way folks were driving.  Good lord.  Luckily I had some good music and podcasts to listen to on my trek to work.  I really wasn’t that upset.  Like I said, I’ve lived here for a long time, this shit happens every year… I’m used to it.  For better or for worse.

What I’m NOT used to is people driving like idiot when the snow is done.  THIS morning, I rolled out, left the house a little earlier than usual and STILL was stuck in complete gridlock.  No snow on the ground, no snow falling yet I’m still waiting in a mile long line just to get on the freeway.  What… the… FUCK!  Turns out some jackass flipped his pickup truck in the middle of an interchange during morning rush hour.  Who knows… maybe he was texting one of his buddies asking when it’s going to stop snowing in Cleveland.

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