Snowblowing Etiquette

Snow By The MailboxSo last week we got about 30 inches of snow in a two day period.  This of course means snowblowing… and lots of it.  I’m a tad bit anal when it comes to keeping my driveway clean so I’m the neighbor that’s out there multiple times per day keeping it clear.

I make sure that I’ve got the entire driveway nice and clean so when it’s time for me to venture out I can do it.  The city then comes by with their huge snowplows and plows the street in front of my house.  Invariably they create a HUGE ice/snow pile at the bottom of my driveway.  This isn’t such a big deal when you’re blowing a couple of times per day, but when you’re gone for a couple of days (like we were) then when you come home you’ve got about 20 inches of ice/snow to get through.  Luckily we had the SUV otherwise we’d be screwed trying to get IN to our driveway.

Of course, my first order of business once we got home was to blow the damn driveway.  Naturally, I took that opportunity to blow all of that ice and snow right back out into the street.  Not sure if this makes me a bad neighbor, but I figure if the city can pile it up in my driveway, I can blow it right back into the street.  Fuck em.

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