Monday’s Pet Peeves

  • Burger King Got BackBurger King Square Pants – come on… maybe I’m just showing my age and becoming a grumpy old man, but there’s no way that Burger King should be using “Baby Got Back” as one of their theme songs in a commercial.  Not only are they using it in their commercial, but it’s being done to promote a Sponge Bob toy tie in.  Do people really think this is OK?  What’s next…  A Nine Inch Nails: Closer/ Dora The Explorer combo???
  • Spell check – use it people.  Unless you’re using Notepad.exe there’s really no reason NOT to spell check something.  That goes for you Blackberry and iPhone users as well.  Having a digital signature that says “Sent from my iPhone” does not allow you to spell like a 2 year old.  Please stop.
  • Monday’s – yep… they suck.  Especially after a weekend like we just had.
  • Email forwards without checking your facts – please stop sending me emails that say “I verified this with Snopes!” when you haven’t even heard of Snopes.  If you’re going to spam me with crap about the newest email virus that’s going to erase my hard drive please make sure it’s ACTUALLY going to erase my hard drive.
  • Dollar stores where stuff ISN’T a dollar – this is just stupid.  I walk in and the first item I see is $5.99.  Huh???  That’s kinda like walking into a Honda dealership and seeing a bunch of Fords.  False advertising people.
  • Shows that don’t end on time – the wife and I watch American Idol.  We haven’t watched anything (non sports at least) live in the past 6-7 years.  That said, if shows run long we don’t get the end of it.  When it comes to Idol I’d much rather see the end of the show instead of a crappy Coke commercial or 30 minutes of back story about a contestant that will never win.
  • The American Idol “Save” – speaking of Idol (since I don’t sound gay enough yet) this whole concept of a save is dumb to begin with… but the way they used it is even dumber.  Simon stated originally that it had to be unanimous.  The decision obviously wasn’t.  He then went on to tell Matt that he didn’t think he could win… but that they were saving him.  HUH?  Why save someone you don’t think can win.  Stupid.
  • Easter egg coloring – this stuff is irritating.  I completely understand that it’s part of the Easter tradition and I really enjoyed watching my kids enjoy it.  Hey PAAS, how bout you give me a coloring tab that doesn’t dye the INSIDE of the egg.  Nothing worse that pealing an egg that’s been dyed and finding a pink, blue and purple egg.  Dye the shell… not the egg.  Don’t even get me started on the fact that this stuff is LETHAL when it comes to counter tops.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Pet Peeves

  1. -agreed
    -k what3v3r
    -always bad unless it is a holiday
    -there should be a mailbox penalty for this. no send or receive for a weak.
    -sure you weren’t in an “Almost A Dollar” or “Inflashun Adjusted Doller Store”?
    -save some time and just check the internet
    -the “save” is trying to offcet the fact that the “starz” are getting booted
    -PAAS is a freemason conspiracy to control you. i checked it out on snopes.

    Spellcheked on my iPhone.

  2. @Chewie
    They are my pet peeves as well. The only thing worse than the Snopes email is the “send this to 10 people or your p3n!s will fall off” emails. YOUR WISH IS NOT GOING TO COME TRUE! All you are going to do is clog up the email server and get us blacklisted (again) as spammers.

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