String Pullers Theory

Back in March of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote a post called Coronavirus Fan Fiction which was a re-post of something I’d seen from somewhere on social media. I can’t recall if it was Facebook or Twitter… regardless, it doesn’t matter.

Going back and reading it today is pretty interesting. Not because it’s 100% true in terms of what happened, but just HOW much of it actually came to be. Did this guy ‘predict the future’? Did he have some sort of ‘inside information’? Or was he just a nut job? You be the judge.

In any case, I’m back today with a recent convo from Facebook. Names have been changed. I’m posting this here on my blog because, like the fan fic piece, this sort of thinking just sort of fascinates me. I hope everyone is holding up OK and that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

String Pullers Covid Theory

The String Pullers Theory – 9.7.2021

Bob: This is just a small taste of what’s coming; vaccination segregation. The string pullers (sociopaths who plotted this) were genius. I hope it fails miserably on them.

Tom: I’m curious about the ‘string pullers’ comment. Not looking to start a fight, but I’m curious, are you suggesting that the virus isn’t real, the response to it is ‘wrong’ or something else?

Again… honestly asking.

Bob: I know the virus is real, I believe it was made in a lab in China. I believe it was released on populations. Right now I believe there are global organizations outside of our country (and others) using governments to push an agenda. This I believe is a great reset.

Tom: Gotcha. I’d agree that IMO, this was created. Not sure if it was released with intent, but wouldn’t shock me in the slightest.

I’m intrigued by the idea of a reset if I’m being honest. I’m a huge fan of these sort of ‘ideas’ – I won’t call them ‘conspiracies’ cause I think that doesn’t give them the credit that some of them deserve.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the ‘string pullers’ in this scenario but its fascinating to consider.

Bob: New South Wales is an interesting place to study, as I’ve found over the last 15-20 years it being a testing ground for tyranny. I’ve friends there very much effected by the BS laws. Which at the time I thought they were. Of course China owns all of Australia’s infrastructure, including lithium mines… It’s funny, recently Australian government announced it will be buying 25% of China’s mining company (forgive me as the name escapes me) LMAO… Why? The lithium is in Australia and Australia had its own mining companies till regulated out of business… Oh by the way, China is taking over American coal mining companies. But I digress. Australia has been a good guage for me for what’s happened and will occur. Including shortages, which we are headed for some, stock up on food. Honestly.

Of course it’s all speculation until after it occurs…and if I’m the only one following Australia, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Ever wonder why China (President Xi Jinping) has a leading role in the Davos summit agenda. Yet pays nothing into it and is the world’s leading polluter… I have…as a side note.

So my thoughts on the vaccination. What better way to introduce a Chinese style social credit system. I know, I was laughed at when I first brought this up. But did you ever think there would be a time that one had to show papers to enter a store? Did you ever believe there would be such division because “vaccinated people are uncomfortable around unvaccinated”. It’s a nice start for such a system isn’t it and it will grow beyond even “booster shots”.

Btw this is why I support and hope to keep a voice in State secession movements. This and I believe the dismantling of the consolidated power structure used against us, is the only way we can get the public debt noose off of our children’s necks for an opportunity to know true liberty.

That’s my spiel, thanks for asking.

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