Getting Back To ‘Normal’ – Movie Night ‘RV’ – Episode 14

Episode 14

It’s Memorial Day weekend and Chewie talks about getting back to some version of ‘normal’ after the COVID-19 lockdowns with a neighbor movie night to watch the 2006 Robin Williams flick RV. You know how this goes… subscribe on YouTube, comment, like, share, etc. Here’s to you friends!

Fear is the New Normal – The Compassion of Compromise

Anxiety About Reopening

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. Was just going through my Twitter timeline and ran across this tweet: How’s everyone’s optimism level today vs a month ago? It does feel like we’re going to get through this, but I know there’s been a lot of damage done. Talk of sports coming back helps to give us something else to look at. — Rod Bluhm (@CLERodB) May 15, 2020 I thought about it for a … Continue reading

Coronavirus Fan Fiction

Coronovirus Fan Fiction

I’m going to start out this post by saying what I think what we all thing – THIS SHIT IS TERRIFYING. I’ve been holed up in my home for nearly a week already just watching how bad the news outside is. Nearly everyone I know is working from home, bars and restaurants are closed across the state (I’m in Ohio), schools are closed for at least three weeks, etc. etc. etc. If you’re like me … Continue reading