Asshole Telemarketers – Ignoring The Do Not Call Registry?

Asshole Telemarketers

Telemarketers are a part of life.  I personally spent some time as a telemarketer when I was in college at Indiana University calling on behalf of the Indiana Troopers Benevolent Association.   Even though I’ve got my cell number on the National Do Not Call Registry, I get between 10-30 telemarketing calls a month.  The overwhelming majority of these calls are from groups looking for accredited investors to invest in their venture.  These ventures range … Continue reading

The $140 Left Turn

Red Light

So I’m sitting at a red light the other day chatting to the wife.  She’d just taken the boys to the eye doctors that morning and she was giving me the report (all good).  As I was sitting there I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that a cop rolled up and came to a stop.  I’m not a felon on the run from the law, so I didn’t think twice about it … Continue reading

Thoughts For Monday

IU Football

The goddamn jackhammer is back.  We’ve had a week of silence so this comes as a very unwelcome shock to the system.  All I can say is this better be the best restaurant in downtown Cleveland when they’re done. Mondays suck.  They suck even worse when Sunday night is bad. Mobile devices are now officially the bane of my existence.  This includes cell phones, BlackBerrys, etc.  Sure they’re nice when you REALLY need to get … Continue reading

This Just In – Verizon Makes Bad Decisions

Verizon Logo

So recently got a new Blackberry Curve from Verizon Wireless.  I’ve been with Verizon for years now and I’m very happy with the service.  I have very few dead spots and I’ve never had a problem with their billing.  Their customer service, on the other hand, leave a little bit to be desired. Bad Decision #1 My wife and I are both on Verizon plans.  Because we use vastly different amount of minutes per month … Continue reading