The $140 Left Turn

Red LightSo I’m sitting at a red light the other day chatting to the wife.  She’d just taken the boys to the eye doctors that morning and she was giving me the report (all good).  As I was sitting there I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that a cop rolled up and came to a stop.  I’m not a felon on the run from the law, so I didn’t think twice about it and continued my conversation.

I made my left, the gentlemen in the police car did the same and was following me.  And then he turned his lights on… uh oh.  Maybe I AM a felon on the run from the law.  Immediately I began to freak out cause I wasn’t sure if the town that I was in had a “No Cell Phone While Driving” law.  So, I proceeded to hang up on the wife, turn off the phone and pull over.

So, very politely, I rolled down my window and I was greeted with, “License and registration please.”  I honestly didn’t think that cops actually said that.  I figured it was just a TV/Movie thing.  I naturally had both and said in my best “I didn’t do it officer” voice:  “Is there a problem officer?”  His response was less than what I was expecting… “Why yes, you turned left on red.”


In my infinite wisdom, I managed to be talking to my wife, in a town that I’m not familiar with, with a cop behind me and just blew through a red light.  And I didn’t just “miss it” or roll through it.  Nope… I came to a complete stop, looked in my rear view mirror, saw that there was a cop behind me, went back to my conversation and proceeded to turn left before the light turned green.  And for my stupidity I earned a ticket for $140.

My name is “dumb ass”.  Hear me roar.

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