Powered On (2012) – Sarah Churman Talks Sounds Vs. Noise

Powered On (2012)

I first learned of Sarah Churman when I watched a YouTube video of her hearing for the first time.  Sarah was born with a condition where the hair in her inner ear doesn’t form.  This hair (I’ve come to find out) is what transmits the sound which allows us to hear.  Without it, Sarah was essentially deaf. Powered On is the amazing, true story of Sarah’s transformation from a life of silence into a new … Continue reading

The Bounce House – A Torture Device For Parents

Pump It Up

If you have children under the age of 5 you more than likely already know what a bounce house is.  If not, I’m here to tell you.  It’s an inflatable house, palace, maze, etc. that your child goes into for what seems like hours on end, bounces around and has a damn fine time doing it.  Remember, children have infinitely more energy than you do. Anyhow, G got invited to a birthday party for one … Continue reading