Things That Piss Me Off: The Napkin Dispenser

Napkin Dispenser

OK… I’m trying not to eat a bunch of fast food these days but on a rare occasion I’ll actually stop through the drive through and on an ever rarer occasion will I step inside the store.  One question: What the hell is up with the napkin dispensers in these places?  I’m looking for 1 napkin… maybe 2.  Invariably I reach in and one of two things happens. I scrape the hell out of my … Continue reading

And Just Like That, King James Is No More

Young LeBron James

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that tonight LeBron James went on ESPN during prime time and told the world that he was going to be leaving Cleveland for greener pastures with the Miami Heat.  If I’m being honest, the decision didn’t really come as much of a surprise to this Cleveland fan.  I can’t blame James for wanting to put himself in the best situation.  That’s his right not only as … Continue reading

The BMV – Finding New Ways To Irritate Me

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is finding new and inventive ways to piss me off.  Apparently it’s not good enough that I’ve got to go down there very couple of years to deal with some clerk that’s so irritated that she needs to do her job that she makes it her personal goal to ruin my day as well.  It’s not good enough that once every two years I’ve got to take time out … Continue reading