Caught In A Drunk Canadian’s Loop

Cleveland Indians Opening Day 2012

As I do just about every year, last week I attended Opening Day for my beloved Cleveland Indians.  I managed to take one picture as I walked into the stadium.  If you’d like to see more, check out my post from last year.  Our seats were essentially the same and with the exception of Pip, so were the people. Once again, the Tribe managed to lose the opener, but this year they did it in … Continue reading

Have A Seat Pup

Dogs In The Road

Another one straight out of the “I couldn’t make this shit up” file.  We were headed out to my folks house for Sunday dinner last night.  They live “out in the country” a ways so it’s pretty common to see animals (specifically deer) as we make our way to their house.  As we crested over a hill, my wife pointed out that there was something up ahead crossing the street and told me to slow … Continue reading

The Cuteness That Is Children

Ralphie In The Sun

A couple of days before Christmas our dog Ralphie had some pretty serious back surgery.  His entire back had to be shaved and he had an incision about 6 inches long running down his spine.  Luckily he’s recovering nicely but it’s been a long road back for sure.  We’ve got to carry him up and down all the steps, make sure he doesn’t jump up or down furniture, etc.  Of course this is a colossal … Continue reading

Things I Learned This Weekend

Frozen Lobster Tails

I’m sure everyone out there on the Interweb loves to read about my crap. I had a couple of interesting/funny things happen this past weekend… enjoy! A smoothie, when spilled by a two and a half year old, will splatter all over the floor, table, walls & windows.  When said smoothie is mopped up it will leave a stick residue on the floor until you clean it thoroughly.  You cannot simply wipe it up but … Continue reading