Indiana University Homecoming 2003

Indiana University Homecoming 2003 (24)

It’s that time of year… the leaves are changing colors, the temps are falling and there’s football on every weekend. Here’s your weekly (ish) Throwback Thursday spot on 406. Today we take a peak at the 2003 Homecoming Game in Bloomington. Well… let’s be honest. We’re actually looking at the tailgate party. I can’t recall if any of us ever actually stepped foot into the stadium. These photos / captions are taken directly from the … Continue reading

Indiana University Homecoming 2002

I almost missed it! Sorry I’m WAY late in the day, but here’s your weekly Throwback Thursday spot on 406. Today we take a peak at the 2002 Homecoming Game. Well… let’s be honest. We’re actually looking at the tailgate. I’m not sure any of us even made it into the game. (Maybe Gookins… and perhaps Buford for a a quarter or two). I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I’m … Continue reading

TBT – Indiana University Homecoming 2001

Indiana University Homecoming 2001 (1)

Way back in the day (circa 2002) this site looked something like this. Back then, I had a feature on the site called “Pics From 406”. It was a collection of the (very few) photos that I took during college. Fewer still have been ported over to this site and are located here. Well, I was going through my hard drive last night and ran across those photos and since my memory is getting really bad in … Continue reading

Thomecoming At Progressive Field

Welcome Thome!

My all time favorite baseball player is Jim Thome.  When he left my beloved Cleveland Indians in 2002 it was a very sad day for me.  So when I heard the news the other night that the Indians had claimed him off waivers from the Twins you can imagine how I felt… I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not.  I was elated when I woke up the other morning and read the news … Continue reading

Long Before Poker Became Cool


This pic just goes to show that 406 was well ahead of the curve when it comes to “cool”.  This picture was taken during Homecoming festivities in 2002.  I tell you, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor poker game during the festivities surrounded by your friends. In retrospect, it actually shocks me that we were able to get away with this.  Not only were we obviously drinking on our cough cough dry campus, but we … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Keg Stand Memory?

Keg Stand

Summer is behind us and fall is upon us.  College football has started and my thoughts turn once again towards Bloomington and homecoming memories.  Unfortunately I won’t be in town for homecoming this year but I will be headed back to Indy in October for a weekend of debauchery.  Absolutely can’t WAIT! I was going through some old pics and ran across this one.  As the title of the post says, who DOESN’T like a … Continue reading

Sweet Home 406

Chewie & Pip Go Home To 406

They say you can’t ever go home.  In this picture, Pip and I prove that it simply isn’t the case.  This photo was taken 5 or 6 years after we left Bloomington during one of our trips back for Homecoming.  Not sure if the residents were even home but we just had to head home and snap this picture. There never was a more perfect time than to thanks the Barenaked Ladies for their classic … Continue reading