TBT – Indiana University Homecoming 2001

Indiana University Homecoming 2001 (2)Way back in the day (circa 2002) this site looked something like this. Back then, I had a feature on the site called “Pics From 406”. It was a collection of the (very few) photos that I took during college. Fewer still have been ported over to this site and are located here. Well, I was going through my hard drive last night and ran across those photos and since my memory is getting really bad in my old(er) age I’ve decided to bring them back. So… seeing as it’s Throwback Thursday and all, I figured today was a good day to start.

Here’s a set of pictures from the 2001 IU Homecoming. Man do I miss college and the folks in these photos…

Do you have pictures from this Homecoming? Got other 406 related photos? Send em my way!

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