Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven

Make Your Bed

If you’re looking at the dates of my Book Reviews you’ll notice something… strange. While I read quite a bit, I haven’t done a book review here on the blog in over FOUR years. That’s really sort of strange, but it speaks to type of reading I’ve been doing. I do a lot of Internet browsing / reading but it’s been forever since I sat down and just… read. That changes a few months back … Continue reading

Powered On (2012) – Sarah Churman Talks Sounds Vs. Noise

Powered On (2012)

I first learned of Sarah Churman when I watched a YouTube video of her hearing for the first time.  Sarah was born with a condition where the hair in her inner ear doesn’t form.  This hair (I’ve come to find out) is what transmits the sound which allows us to hear.  Without it, Sarah was essentially deaf. Powered On is the amazing, true story of Sarah’s transformation from a life of silence into a new … Continue reading