Cleveland Patio Drinking Season Has Begun

Patio Drinking

This picture was taken 6 days ago when the sun was out, the temps were in the 80’s and I was sitting on a patio on a Friday afternoon enjoying my first patio beers of the season. It’s been cold the last couple of days (because Cleveland is the sort of town you can experience all 4 seasons in a week) but it’s looking good for the weekend. Love me some patio drinking in the … Continue reading

A Bud Light On The In-Laws’ Patio

Bud Light On The Smith Patio

There’s just something about day drinking on a patio in the summer.  This one is quite old but I’ve been keeping it in my Beer Shots queue for some time. Snapped this pic was back on July 1st, 2011 sitting on the in-laws patio.  Aren’t I an artsy chap? I’m WAY behind on this feature here on the blog… Time to catch up.  Here’s to summer!

Tony Chasar & T-Trim Landscaping – Buyer Beware

T-Trim Landscaping & Tony Chasar

Spring has sprung in Northeast Ohio.  It was a long and cold winter and now that the weather is breaking you may be thinking about doing some landscaping around your yard.  Depending on the size of your project, you may be considering hiring a local landscaping contractor to help you out.  I had the same idea a few years back when I hired Tony Chasar of T-Trim Landscaping in Macedonia, Ohio.  Unfortunately, Tony and T-Trim … Continue reading

Pimpin Ain’t Easy… Or Is It?


So I’m cutting the grass tonight and naturally I’ve got lots of help from the boys.  G & C were out there loving it and working hard.  The girls next door came over to keep them company on the swing set and I continued to cut.  I told G that he needed to stay where I could see him so naturally every time I looked up he was headed around the corner to the front … Continue reading

The Definition Of Spoiled?

Who Doesn't Like Filet?

The other night we were having some friends over for a cookout.  Along with our boys, they would be bringing their two girls so the 8 of us sat around on the patio drinking (the adults) and playing (the kids).  I’d prepared some flank steak, salmon (cause the wife won’t touch a piece of red meat), veggies, etc. to be grilled. Earlier in the day I was preparing the flank and G asked me what … Continue reading

All of a Sudden, I’m ‘That’ Neighbor

Grumpy Guy

I just don’t get it.  I don’t know when it happened.  I don’t know why it happened.  But I’ve become “that” neighbor.  The neighbor that doesn’t want the neighborhood kids walking through his yard.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love kids.  I’ve got two of my own.  But there is not many things that I find more irritating than sitting in my living room and watching kids run through my backyard.  What… the… fuck!  … Continue reading