The Definition Of Spoiled?

Who Doesn't Like Filet?The other night we were having some friends over for a cookout.  Along with our boys, they would be bringing their two girls so the 8 of us sat around on the patio drinking (the adults) and playing (the kids).  I’d prepared some flank steak, salmon (cause the wife won’t touch a piece of red meat), veggies, etc. to be grilled.

Earlier in the day I was preparing the flank and G asked me what we were having for dinner.  I told him that we were having steak and he responded with another question (as he always does… I think he gets this from his mother).  “What kind of steak daddy?”  I told him that we were having flank steak.  Not that its important to the story, but it’s my personal favorite with a Chewie-made teriyaki marinade… yummy.

In any case, G thought for a moment and then responded, “Dad… I really prefer filet.”  Not sure if I should be offended or proud.  That’s my boy!

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