My First Trip To The Horseshoe Cleveland

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

After many years, Cleveland finally has a casino!  Just last week, the Horseshoe Casino opened up downtown and so far it’s gotten rave reviews.  There were people lined up around the block to get in and there were lines to get into the place for quite a few days after it’s grand opening.  I’m not going to bother rehashing all of the political maneuvering it took to get it here.  Suffice to say it was … Continue reading

Parkour and Poker – Bond Is Back In “Casino Royale”

Casino Royale (2006)

I’m a huge James Bond fan so the fact that it took me nearly 3 years to see this one after it came out really pains me.  Seeing as I’m so late to this review I won’t bother with plot cause there are plenty of other reviews out there.  This is essentially a reboot to the Bond series with Daniel Craig taking the lead role of 007. This is Bond on steroids… plain and simple.  … Continue reading

Long Before Poker Became Cool


This pic just goes to show that 406 was well ahead of the curve when it comes to “cool”.  This picture was taken during Homecoming festivities in 2002.  I tell you, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor poker game during the festivities surrounded by your friends. In retrospect, it actually shocks me that we were able to get away with this.  Not only were we obviously drinking on our cough cough dry campus, but we … Continue reading

Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

It’s been a while since I’ve done of of these posts.  I’ve got a couple of things bubbling around in the ol noggin so I figured I’d sit down and write for a while… comments always welcomed. Tonight’s poker night for the Cleveland Poker League – that makes me happy.  I hope I play better than I did last game but even if I don’t it’ll still be a good night. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  … Continue reading

A Weekend With The Boys – Part I

My Boys

First off… This is not going to be a story about drinking with my buddies at the bar.  When I refer to “the boys” in the title here I’m actually referring to MY boys.  If you’re looking for a “drinking with the boys” story, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.  My brother is getting married in July and his bachelor party weekend is shaping up to be pretty damn cool. Amanda was in … Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend Musings

Memorial Day

Today is the Tuesday after the long Memorial Day weekend.  For my money there’s nothing better than a long holiday weekend when the weather is nice.  Here’s a couple of observations from ol Chewie: People don’t recognize the importance of Memorial Day nearly often enough.  One day per year is not often enough to thank the men and women who’ve died defending this country.  Each and every time I see someone in uniform I attempt … Continue reading

Rainy Wednesday Morning Musings


There is a car across the street from my office with it’s alarm going off.  This has been occurring about every 12 minutes for the past 3 days.  This is rather annoying.  I’m currently thinking of ways to wipe this car from the face of the Earth. Both the Indians and Cavs appeared to be playing the same game last night.  It went something like this: start off good, get a huge lead, think you’ve … Continue reading