Memorial Day Weekend Musings

Memorial DayToday is the Tuesday after the long Memorial Day weekend.  For my money there’s nothing better than a long holiday weekend when the weather is nice.  Here’s a couple of observations from ol Chewie:

  1. People don’t recognize the importance of Memorial Day nearly often enough.  One day per year is not often enough to thank the men and women who’ve died defending this country.  Each and every time I see someone in uniform I attempt to stop and shake their hand and say “Thanks”.  My boys are being taught to do this too.  It’s very important to me.  One quote sums it up pretty well for me – “All game some, some gave all.”  Thank you.
  2. Memorial Day is not political in nature.  Fuck you if that’s what you turn it into.  Regardless of your party affiliation, stance on war, love/hate relationship with the current/past president it’s a day for remembering.  Honor those people who’ve died to give you the right to your opinion.  Take one day off from shoving your agenda down my throat.
  3. Summer colds suck.  I can understand a cold in the winter.  It’s almost par for the course.  But being stuffed up and coughing when it’s beautiful outside just blows.  This happens to me a couple of times a year.
  4. Carnivals are awesome… you get to eat some really bad food, ride really bad rides, smell really bad smells and pay way too much for it.  Oh, and you get to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet.  If this sounds sarcastic it’s not… I really enjoy stuff like this.  We attended Blossom in Chagrin Falls this weekend.  It really pumped me up for this summer’s Solon Home Days.  The boys LOVED it.
  5. The time between poker games is always way too long.  The time during poker games is always way too short.
  6. Little G is obsessed with the lawn mower.  He’s equally obsessed with the blower, the edger and the chainsaw.  This isn’t something that I learned this weekend but it was really on display.  We probably made things worse when we bought him his very own Little Black & Decker blower at Wal-Mart… we’re not very smart parents.  (OK, I’m not a smart dad).
  7. The Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t nearly as good as they think they are.  They really better pull their collective heads out of the asses or it’s going to be a long summer. (See point #8 below)
  8. The Cleveland Indians are worse than they think they are.  I don’t understand why… but they’re really bad.  I’ve been a big Wedge fan for a long time, but it’s time for him to go.

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