Jackopierce – Everywhere All The Time

Jackopierce - Everywhere All The Time (2012)

I don’t buy much music these days, and the instances of me buying a full album are even fewer and further between.  However, when Jackopierce comes out with a new album I make an exception every time.  This album – Everywhere All The Time – was long delayed and highly anticipated and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint.  In general this is a much more “poppy” album that I’m used from from the boys.  That said, … Continue reading

Jackopierce – Mile High – Live From Soiled Dove In Denver

Mile High - Live From Soiled Dove in Denver

A while back, I reviewed a live album by one of my favorite bands Jackopierce.  I don’t buy a ton of music these days (an album here, a song there) but when I find a band that I enjoy I pretty much get everything that’s available by them.  I absolutely LOVE live music, so when I saw that these guys were  putting out another live album I jumped at it. I bought this one directly … Continue reading