3 Amazing Road Trips Within An Hour of Cleveland, Ohio

Vintage Car

Americans are putting the last two years behind them and are getting into gear for a summertime filled with good old fashioned road trips. However, not everyone has the time for a week-long road journey, some people prefer the simplicity and convenience of a day trip. Road trippers from Cleveland, Ohio can arrive at any of these three memorable destinations within just one hour of leaving home.


Exactly one hour outside of Cleveland, the city of Canton, Ohio sits comfortably within the day-tripper’s ideal distance. There you’ll find vintage cars, the Gervasi vineyard, and a variety of historic monuments.

One of the biggest draws for Canton is the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which features photographs and memorabilia of America’s most beloved football players from over the past 50 years. If you and your road trip crew are interested in football, this is a non-negotiable stop!

Another attractive feature is the Presidential Library, a historic institution that people from every age group can enjoy. There are also sections in the McKinley Museum which focus on science and national history, accommodating beautifully for young families and scholars.

Even if you’re traveling to a nearby location, checking your transmission before hitting the road should be at the top of your pre-trip checklist. Transmission or gearbox signals are there to show you when your car is overheating or suffering internal damage, so be sure to check yours prior to leaving for Canton.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Ohio’s only national park is close but full of natural beauty and excitement, making it one of the best destinations for a short road trip. Just thirty minutes outside of Cleveland, stopping by the iconic Cuyahoga Valley National Park should be at the top of the to-do list for any lifelong Ohioan.

With over 125 miles of hiking trails, this natural gem will give you the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs after the drive, and can serve as a great spot to sit down and share a picnic. If you’re up to it, the 65-foot Brandywine Falls boasts a magnificent boardwalk view.

The action-packed park also features a Scenic Railroad (which you can book a tour for), and Szalay’s Farm Market offers fresh, local produce throughout the summer and fall. During colder months, you can strap on a pair of snowshoes and go walking near Hale Village. Dreamy!

Lake Erie Islands

Technically the Lake Erie Islands are an hour and twenty minutes outside of Cleveland, but the extra twenty minutes is well worth the drive.

Some of the most frequented islands include Kelleys Island, South Bass Island, and Put-in-Bay Island, all of which are popular amongst local and non-local tourists. The crystal caves in Put-in-Bay are a glimmering wonder to behold, and wine tasting on the Bay is something every adult Ohioan should experience.

These nearby road trip destinations offer the best of both worlds: practical convenience and the taste of adventure. From nature reserves to bar-hopping, there’s no reason you can’t have a holiday without driving across the country.

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