Throwback Thursday – Lost Wedding Tweets

The Four Horsemen

Was going through some old drafts here on the blog and ran across this beauty. I’ve live tweeted a couple of weddings in the past (Open Bar #WeddingTweets and Live Tweeting With An Open Bar Is Outstanding!) and I did the same thing during this family wedding in the Chicago area. I’ve never seen a hotter girl look more trashy. #weddingtweets It’s always super cool when the wedding party acts like douche bags when they … Continue reading

Open Bar #WeddingTweets

Whiskey - Jack On The Rocks With Olives

Went to a wedding of a family friend the other night.  I (for all intents and purposes) live tweeted the event and got some pretty positive feedback.  I’m always leery of how long Twitter will keep history like this so I’m archiving it here on the site.  Oh yeah… I also thought some of the tweets (which I’d completely forgotten… you’ll know when when you start reading) were pretty funny if I do say so … Continue reading

Wedding Tomfoolery

Buford's Dad At A Wedding

I’ve received quite a bit of feedback about my last post where I talked about my cake poking incident.  I was rifling through some of Pics From 406 and ran across this one and I just HAD to post it. I’m not really even sure that this one requires a whole bunch of commentary other than to say that there’s nothing like a grown man drinking Bud Light directly from the tap! It just goes … Continue reading

I Poked The Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Weddings are great.  We get to come together and celebrate the union of two people.  We get to see friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while and we get to meet new and exciting people.  Photographs are taken and memories are made that will last a lifetime.  Some of those memories though are a tad bit embarrassing… I’d actually considered not creating this post… but then I said screw it.  It happened … Continue reading