Throwback Thursday – Lost Wedding Tweets

The Four HorsemenWas going through some old drafts here on the blog and ran across this beauty. I’ve live tweeted a couple of weddings in the past (Open Bar #WeddingTweets and Live Tweeting With An Open Bar Is Outstanding!) and I did the same thing during this family wedding in the Chicago area.

  • I’ve never seen a hotter girl look more trashy. #weddingtweets
  • It’s always super cool when the wedding party acts like douche bags when they get announced. #weddingtweets
  • That’s ok dude… I’m sure those are your GOOD jeans you wore to the reception. #weddingtweets

Just a small side note here… it really takes some balls to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt with no tie to a wedding. Am I right?

  • Dad & G - Gangnam StyleIt’s like the four horseman of the apocalypse. #weddingtweets 
  • Anyone who gets pissed cause the bar is closed during dinner has never been to a wedding. Gotta load up BEFORE! #weddingtweets
  • Dinner is over. The bar is open. And you think I want cake? Come on now… Don’t be silly. #weddingtweets
  • Both my kids are rocking out to Sweet Home Alabama on the wedding dance floor. That’s essentially a paternity test. #weddingtweets
  • I may be living in a Barbie world, but I’m CLEARLY not a Barbie girl. #weddingtweets
  • What are the odds my 7 year old catches the garter? I’m guessing about as good as the 5 year old. FML. #weddingtweets
  • It would be inappropriate to dance “Baby’s Got Back” with my kids right? Fuck it. Inappropriate is my middle name. #weddingtweets
  • C Busting Up The Dance FloorSave a horse ride a cowboy. Hi… Name’s Cowboy. #weddingtweet
  • If I was a groomsmen, I’d be down to a vest by now. #weddingtweets
  • I may or may not just have danced Gangnam Style with my kid. #weddingtweets
  • Dear white guys… You shouldn’t break dance. Ever. Even if you’re a groomsman. #weddingtweets.
  • My kids are doing the Worm across the dance floor. THE FUCKING WORM!!! #weddingtweets
  • Successfully made it through the first wedding reception with the kids in tow without killing them. It was close 😉 #winning #weddingtweets

This was just plain awesome. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been to a wedding (this was actually the last time) and I’m itching for another party.

Have you live tweeted an event like this? Would love to hear about it!

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