The Dirty Dozen From 406

406 Northlane Front DoorAs you may or may not know, I’ve been going through the long process of cleaning up web servers, merging and migrating old hosting plans, deleting stuff, archiving stuff, etc. What can I say, I’m a web geek. I ran across this particular page today and wanted to share. Way back in one of the first incarnations of this site there was a page called “The Dirty Dozen” which listed all of the people other than the Founding Fathers that had called 406 Northlane home. Here it is folks in all its original glory complete with way too small images. Enjoy.

The Dirty Dozen

Here is a short list of the people that also lived at 406. While they weren’t “Founding Fathers”, they certainly put a dent in the 406 legacy. They put holes in it, too. Ask Patty sometime about the huge hole she put in the wall, and what body part she used. I’ll give you a hint, it has “cheeks”. That should give you a 50/50 shot.

Soon enough they will all have their own bio pages as well with updates as to where they are and what they’re up to.

In no particular order:

Dirty Dozen - Patty Dirty Dozen - Whitney Dirty Dozen - Dark Dirty Dozen - Tyler

NOTE: Not much of a page unfortunately and sadly I never got around to creating individual bio pages for these folks. Bummer indeed.

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