What’s Changed With Roman Reigns?

Roman ReignsWe’re less than 2 months removed from Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2015). At that PPV, Roman Reigns lost his match to Sheamus and then absolutely went berserk after the match beating the holy hell out of the League of Nations, Sheamus and HHH to a thunderous ovation. The crowd was actually chanting, “Thank you Roman!”

The next night, Reigns captured the heavyweight championships in one of the best RAWs we’ve seen in recent memory. The overwhelming majority of fans (even marks) were happy about it.

My question is this…

What the hell happened? What’s changed?

Roman was booked in a program where he was against The Authority and specifically Vince McMahon. This was gold for a while. It was harking back to the days of Austin vs. McMahon. And then the Royal Rumble (2016) happened. From my Rumble recap:

Roman Reigns lost his title which isn’t a bad thing. But the way he lost it was piss pour. He was absent for the majority of the match. The way this was booked made the crowd boo Reigns rather than cheer him. Should have just left him out there. No need or reason for him to take a break. Bad decision.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Roman Reigns 2Reigns finds himself in a triple threat match at Fastlane against Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose with the winner facing HHH at WrestleMania 32 for the title. We’re headed into a WrestleMania season where we “think” Reigns is going to regain the championship… and nearly everyone’s pissed off? I can honestly foresee a scenario where they WWE calls an audible and removes Reigns from the title picture at Mania based on the reactions he’s been getting lately. But why?

Again… what am I missing? Why did the crowd turn on Roman Reigns all of a sudden?

What’s changed since the night Reigns won the title on RAW and we all went ape shit?

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  1. I really dont no but I really think the way it was done with the authority as they say and tripe h did it was sad on his part I really dont think n my way of thinking it was a puck way not standing up and beeing a man just my thinking

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