Why I Closed… Forever

A chef friend of mine posted this recently. If you’re like me you’re seeing ‘help wanted’ signs everywhere you go. I’ve never seen it articulated quite like this before.

Sorry We're Closed

This is why I closed…. forever;

Just need to say…

After 36.5 years in the industry, I left 7 days ago. Within 24 hours, I liquidated it, locked the door and am never looking back… ever.

The last day entailed me almost catching a charge, blood, mayhem, and fuckery at its finest. All over a fucking mask.
He didn’t want to wear one picking up his food, I said wear one while you are in here, he say no.
It escalated quickly and that’s that.

Our industry (now former) is losing employees at a breakneck speed but it is because of customers. Some are nice, most are natty ass headed fucking troll slags.

I am so done with it, that I turned down a corporate chef position with a huge fashion house that paid very well.
Nope, nope, and nope.


Never ever again

Mother fuckers bitching about 1 person in subway….. like WTF?! They ARE IN THE cheapest fast food place on the planet. What do they expect? They are patronizing a place that pays shit wages and they damn well know what those companies pay buuuut…. there they are, car number 20 in the drive through. Why you ask? It is because they like the price. Never mind that that price is built on low paying labor that exploits the marginalized throughout the entire supply chain. Then, so entitled, that they go on a platform to bitch they had to wait 15 minutes longer then they usually wait and chiding the restaurant by name and the time they went so basically naming the employees.

Here is the bottom line,

The pandemic shutdown gave tens of thousands of us who have always wanted out of this God forsaken shithole life sucking industry, a way out, and it was asses and elbows to a career they wanted, not something they got stuck in. When the world opened up, they did not, nor desire to come back. For those of us who chose to stay, the continuing effects of Covid in the workplace has opened up new areas for the veterans of the industry, to leave.

The way we are treated, tested, threatened, bullied, and assaulted, is fucking bullshit to the hard-core max. we are taking the advice long given but often ignored, get out of the business. And we are, by the thousands. Rightfully and gladly so.

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