A Stroll Through My Instagram Timeline

I’m a big fan of Instagram. It’s not a coversation like Twitter, it’s not full of quizzes like Facebook. It’s just pure “photography”. Depending on who you follow, your timeline may be silly, raunchy, serious or anything in between. On my Instagram (@406nortlane), I tend to follow friends, funny accounts, folks I’ve met on Twitter, drinkers, etc.

As I do nearly every morning, I flip through catching up on what I’ve missed since the night before, liking a few, commenting on others.  Very rarely do the photos tell any sort of a story seeing as you’re looking at pics from multiple users.  This morning was the exception.

As I scrolled through, I saw this picture from user @angry_vet_ (If you don’t follow him you should… he’s hilarious):

But You're A Horse

I’ve got sort of a twisted and sick sense of humor, so that sort of made me giggle. However, it was the very next picture (from my Twitter buddy @trotts106) as I continued to scroll that made me lose it…

Trotts Horses

I don’t know… maybe I’m the only one that found this funny but the irony had me rolling.

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