At Long Last… Lost Is Back

Lost On ABCIt seems like forever and a day but tomorrow night Lost on ABC will finally return for it’s final season.  I’ve written in previous posts how I wondered if ABC had made a mistake by keeping Lost (and another show V) off the air for so long.  Well I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you that for ME it wasn’t too long cause I’m pumped as hell about the season premiere tomorrow night!

While I have listened to some podcasts during the break I’ve tried to stay away from plot predictions and spoilers for the last season.  Sure I’ve had a discussion or two with some fellow Losties but when it comes to what’s going to happen this season I’m completely… lost. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist at least one pun).

Based on the buzz on the web and in the paper it seems like the long layoff between seasons hasn’t turned anyone else off either.  It’s looking like we’re in for a hell of a last season and I can’t wait.  It’s going to be so awesome to see how they finish off some story lines and which ones they leave dangling cause you just KNOW they’re not going to be able to tell us everything that we want to know.  While I’m sure there are some things that I’ll be disappointed in I’m willing to accept that.  The show is just too good to miss.  And now… finally.  It’s time for Lost!

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