Cleveland Browns Opening Day 2012

So this post is way overdue, but I’m going to do it any way.  The Wife and I had an opportunity to go to the first Cleveland Browns football game of the season a couple of weeks ago.  Opening Day for the Browns is typically the best day of the season seeing as by week 5 or so they’ve lost all their games and people are already talking about the next quarterback, coach or draft pick (see the 2012 season that we’re currently in for an example).  I was originally scheduled to go to the game with Marko and some buddies, but at the last minute I found out that I’d won 2 club seat from The Pillars of Lakewood!

So, Wife and I drove downtown Cleveland on Sunday morning and after wasting WAY too much time trying to find a parking spot for under $20 we made our way into the stadium.  The seats were absolutely amazing and we were even sitting in the sun so it was nice and warm.  Winning.  As it was Opening Day (and pretty close to the anniversary of September 11th) they had an awesome pregame flag presentation during the National Anthem.

We came to find out that rookie quarterback Brandon Wheedon actually got caught under that flag during pregame which in retrospect is really funny.  Wheedon ended up throwing 4 interceptions on that day which just capped off his shitty “I-got-caught-under-the-flag” day.

So we’re in the 4th quarter and the two guys in front of us have been pounding Bloody Marys like they’re going out of style.  They (just like us) had been standing up and cheering (or booing) the Browns throughout the game.  Ya know… like fans do.  There might have been a couple of F-bombs dropped and some potentially offensive language, but nothing that anyone over the age of 8 hasn’t heard.

Next thing I know, dude is jawing with the older (mid 60’s – mid 70’s) sitting in front of him.  She’d turned around during one of his alcohol-induced rants/cheers and mentioned to him that he didn’t need to use the bad language.  Next thing you know the “hospitality” folks were up in dude’s face telling him to tone it down.  WTF?!?!  He made mention to the fact that he’d paid $150 for the seats and that he should be able to say whatever the hell he wanted.  He then suggested that if he was being such a disruption that security should be called.  He was assured by hospitality that security had already been called.

At this point I simply couldn’t believe what was going on.  “Security” shows up and starts asking questions.  I say security in quotes cause the squad consisted of a lady running about 280 lbs and a dude clocking in at about 126.  If shit would’ve “went down” they would have been absolutely no help in stopping it.  After some heated discussion the guys were allowed to stay (which they absolutely should have been cause they did absolutely NOTHING wrong) and we were left to watch the rest of the game.  The old bag who complained left about 4 minute later to no one’s chagrin.

Naturally, the Browns lost, but in the end it was a great game.  We got to see the first game for both Brandon Wheedon and first round draft pick Trent Richardson both of whom I think are going to have pretty good NFL careers.  It was a special treat for Wife and I to be able to take into a game together.  Thanks again to the Pillars of Lakewood for the awesome seats!

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