Destro Swinging On The Pegs

I don’t do much toy collecting these days for a variety of reasons, but I still have a love for some specific G.I. Joe characters.  My two all time favorite characters are Storm Shadow (the Cobra ninja) and his G.I. Joe counterpart Snake Eyes.  I’m such a big fan of those two characters that I’ll pick up a figure of them even if I’m not collecting the entire line.


There’s a Storm Shadow figure out there that I’ve not run across yet so every time I go in Target I pop into the toy aisle to see if he shows up.  The last few times I’ve been in I’ve seen a disturbing trend.  Not only is another one of my favorite characters (Destro) clogging up the pegs, but Target is really going the extra mile in trying to clear him out… by RAISING the price $2.00 on each figure!!!

Destro At Target
Destro Before – At $8.99

Destro At Target
Destro After – At $10.99

The pictures above were taken about 2 months apart.  In case you can’t see it, the figures on the left (all of Destro) are priced at $8.99 per figure.  The photo on the right taken a couple of months later shows the exact same group of Destro figures still gathering dust on the pegs.  However this time they’re marked at the bargain price of $10.99 per figure.

Thinking I’ll go back next week to see if these Destro figs can crack the $15 barrier.  Fail.

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