Ladies & Gentlemen… Your Webmasters (Then)

Your WebmastersIf memory serves me correctly, this was the first in a long line of “picture of the week” items originally posted on  On the left is yours truly and on the right is my bestest bud Pip.

  • Notice the tandem backward hats.  That’s cool people.
  • Notice the perfectly trimmed “I’m in college I can rebel” goatee that I’m sporting.  Sa-weet!

This is pure awesomeness.  Pip is sporting a “house beer” shirt that we had made up for when we were hosting a party… class I tell ya.  Pure class.

I’ve got on a standard issue IU hat.  Don’t leave home without it (even when it gets so damn nasty that it will stand up in a corner on its own).

It’s pictures like this that will never let me forget what a dork I was.  (OK fine, I’m still a dork but you get the picture).  Unfortunately I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures throughout my college days but the ones that I do have will be archived on this blog.

Got a picture that you’d like to see?  Got one that you don’t want to see (insert evil laughter)?  Let me know.

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