Reason #2,724 Why You Need A Wingman

Pip & Whitney DancingMost people don’t go out by themselves right?  More often than not they take a “wing man” (or “wing woman” as the case may be).

This picture (taken at one of our 406 house parties) shows just why folks go out together – to avoid “guy that dances behind you without you knowing it”.  Luckily this is just Pip behind Whitney but you never can tell when someone’s going to be up grinding on ya without you knowing it.

That being said, I’m guessing that Ms. Whitney just thinks she’s posing for an innocent pic and Pip swooped in when opportunity presented itself.  It just goes to show, you never knew what you were up against when you stepped foot into the hallowed halls of 406 Northlane.

Got a picture that you’d like to see?  Got one that you don’t want to see (insert evil laughter)?  Let me know.

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