Lexa James – Sexcapades & Champagne

Sexcapades & Champagne (2012)I first learned of Lexa James on Twitter.  One of her tweets showed up in my timeline, retweeted by someone else.  What can I say… I’m a typical male, so when you see an account called @hotttasian float through your timeline you click on it… at least to see what it is.

I was happy to find that Lexa wasn’t just one of those fake accounts selling sex or pretending to be something that they aren’t.  She seems like a genuine gal who just happens to be all sexed up and loves a good glass of champagne.  I’d read a few of her blog posts which were entertaining to be sure.

When she announced that she’d soon be a published author I was excited to see just what her book would be like.  I picked up the Kindle version of Sexcapades & Champagne and dove in.  What I got was more of what I loved from Lexa’s blog – sexy stories about a gal who’s always looking for some fun.

It’s a quick read and if you like the content that Lexa puts out via Twitter and on her blog you’re going to eat this one up.  It’s certainly not for everyone as let’s face it… it’s a book about sex and drinking.  But if you’re looking for a release, or to live vicariously through this little vixen this is a great little read.  With the success of 50 Shades of Grey last summer there is certainly a market for some good adult writing and Lexa certainly delivers.

Follow Lexa on Twitter at @hotttasian or pick up a copy of Sexcapades & Champagne at Amazon.  Tell her Chewie sent ya!

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