May 2013 Tweetup Recap – Celebration Time Come On!

The May Annex Tweetup was held on Wednesday, May 8th.  Last month’s tweetup had to be moved due to the Indian’s Home Opener so there weren’t too many folks there, but this month we had no such conflicts… and the tweeps came out in full force!

In attendance for the May tweetup were:

@AnnexBar@406Northlane@HeyAmie,  @GirlFromThe216
@creape, @lexus1scott, @vodkansoda, @TamarieKeehn

We also had some Annex Tweetup first timers! @kevinisms, @HeyAmberJ and @Trotts106

I’ll warn you in advance… there’s a LOT of pictures this month.
I typically try to keep it to 12 or so, but this month there was so much awesome in the house that I just couldn’t do it.

  • Dear @AnnexBar I’m eating nearly nothing today so I can afford to dine in your fine establishment this evening.
  • I might have just changed in the parking lot. I also might have just changed in front of an arriving RTA train.
  • That one’s going in the personal file.
  • #AllTheClassy @AnnexBar
  • “There are balls in your face KA”
  • “The only exercise I got today was squatting down for that photo. Let get another drink!”
  • “It’s on twitter. It’s on twitter!”
  • “Now I’m like the whore on twitter who’s had anal!!!” This just happened @AnnexBar
  • Overheard @AnnexBar “I got my beer… I got my beer!”
  • Yep. We’re officially line dancing @AnnexBar
  • When life gives you lemons, squeeze that shit and add vodka.
  • I think I was line dancing in a bar with no dance floor last night.

The June Tweetup will be on Wednesday, June 12th at 7:00 PM (ish).  As always, all are welcome to partake even if you’ve never joined us before.  Come on out and meet some new friends!

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