Pardon Our Dust – The Times They Are A Changing

Under ConstructionYou may see some “weird” things going on here on the site in the upcoming days / weeks.  You may see some missing images, a broken link, etc.  The short reason is because I’ve migrated the website to a new host.

The longer, more geeky answer, goes something like this.  When I first built it was built in flat HTML. I then upgraded it to Classic ASP and it’s since been moved into a content management system called WordPress. All that time (till just now) it was hosted on one hosting platform with the same company. I finally got sick and tired of their bullshit so I’ve migrated it.  What sort of bullshit you ask?

Well, I don’t blog often these days (I promise to do better) but when I’d post a new article there were many times that the spike in traffic would bring the site down.  Completely unacceptable.

In any case… I’m starting with the newest posts first and working my way backwards and I’ve got nearly 500 posts so it’s going to take me some time. But rest assured I’ll get there. Thanks for your patience and Happy Holidays! ~ Chewie

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